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Announcing The Mercury BETA Release.


After a short delay, we’re finally here with the BETA release. In this short post, we’ll share the numerous developments that this release brings, and announce the beginning of our quarterly sprints.


  • Mercury Webapp! We have shipped a simple and minimalistic web app to create and display subscriptions. We plan to also add an API keys management and a Zephyr program monitoring interface to the app once these are ready.
  • Mercury Sprint documents. We are committed to sharing our quarterly development sprints, starting with the Q4 2023 development sprint.
  • New documentation. The new documentation is up to date and better explains concepts around mercury.
  • Open access. No need to request access now, you can easily sign up now (though the current flow can surely be improved).
  • Rebranded discord server. The Xycloo Labs discord server is now the home of mercury announcements, status updates, and help.

Technical Improvements

  • (Much more) stable and efficient Mercury core and ZephyrVM integration.
  • Updated infrastructure. While we haven’t set up a high availability infrastructure yet, over time we have switched providers, set up secure tls connections and set up cloudflare’s proxy.
  • Improved Stellar classic indexing and set up more efficient DB management.
  • Implemented light catchups upon subscriptions.
  • Many refactorings and lower level improvements!

What's Next

We want to make sure that once Soroban is live, the necessary infrastructure is already there and this BETA release is a huge milestone towards that direction.

Also, this is only the first of the exciting announcements we have lined-up for the buildup to Soroban mainnet, make sure to not miss any updates on X, the discord server and this blog!